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Ezee Ship'r

No Assembly Required - Crush-Proof Reusable Box


EzeeShip'r is Plastifoam's all-in-one fully assembled egg crate foam and box solution that allows you to ship or store any breakable, valuable or sensitive device without worry. The crush-proof reusable box is perfect for shipping or storing small shock sensitive items. Each rugged box has an installed interlocking set of thick “egg crate” polyurethane foam. Non-abrasive foam fingers cushion and gently cradle fragile objects, while firmly holding them securely in place.


EzeeShip'r is an affordable alternative to custom made packaging components and quickly speeds up your packaging production by eliminating extra wrapping and filling hassles. Simply place the item in EzeeShip'r. Close the lid and lock the tabs. Tape and ship.


Choose from a variety of standard ready-to-ship sizes or ask us to quote on a specific size and quantity. Minimum order requirements may apply for special sizes. Each box comes assembled with glued top and loose bottom and is equipped with front lock tabs for added security. The Antistatic Pink version protects against static discharge and is recommended for static sensitive shipments.



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