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Ezee Corner







Safeguard Corners From Shock, Impact, and Abrasion


EzeeCorner is a patent-pending lightweight package protection solution for

providing cushioned corner protection for heavyweight items or packages when

shipping. Ready to ship, lightweight EzeeCorner's are ideal for protecting high

value or easily damaged products such as furniture, heavy ceramic objects,

or for “box-within-a-box” packaging.


EzeeCorner cushioned corner protectors provide superior protection and a durable shock barrier for your product by protecting vulnerable corners or separating inner and master cartons; especially important when the inner box contains fragile objects or is quite heavy. During transit, filler “peanuts” or other small pieces of cushioning material tend to shift to fill the empty space within a package. For heavy items, these filler materials work best if braced by lightweight and tough EzeeCorners.


Each EzeeCorner measures 3”x 3” x 3” and is available in color coded 1”, 1 ½ ” and 2” wall thickness. Each reusable corner can be stored flat, but will easily fold out and lock in place, forming a perfect ready-to-use corner every time.


Won't scratch sensitive surfaces! Withstands Multiple Impacts


Filler materials may even be totally eliminated if you use the correct sized inside and outside boxes. For “box within a box”, measure dimensions of outer box and inner box to determine which EzeeCorner to use. (For example, a 12-cube box would require a 16 cube outside box when using 2” corners.)











Protect furniture or other heavy objects from corner damage















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